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In Memory

Chulacheeb Chinwanno

Chris Buffum reports from Thailand that Chulacheeb Chinwanno passed away in August, 2021. He received his PhD from Stanford and was a distinguished professor of political science at Thammasart University in Bangkok, specializing in Thai-Chinese relations. unfortunately, his obituary is in Thai. (Photo copied  from Stanford website.

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05/28/22 03:15 PM #1    

John Lubar

I remember "Cheeb" (that's what he told us to call him) quite well, as one of the members of our quint in Roberts 1969-70, our sophomore year.  For Cheeb it was his first year at Swarthmore but he had been at prep school in New England before Swarthmore.  Intense in his approach to getting a Swarthmore education, he put up gamely with some of the sophomoric (had to work that adjective in)  foolishness of the other four of us (Ron Miller, Rick Diamond, Ron Jones and I).  Cheeb got through Swarthmore in 3 years, so focussed and hard working was he.  He may have been Thai but he was a real Swarthmore  turk.  Years after graduation (Dec. - Jan. 1986-87) Elizabeth and I travelled in Thailand.  We tried to make contact with Cheeb, assuming he was in Bangkok but our Thai friends there (business associates of my brother)  were not able to find contact information about him.   I have wondered what became of him and am glad to learn that he earned his Ph.D. and had a presumably successful career as a university professor.   John Lubar

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